Journey of Discovery

Lifeflow Experience

Understand your Skipping Performance

Employing visual perception to subtly and subjectively understand bio-physical information and its context.

Visual insight at a glance.

Understand your Body

Providing context and insight to enhance the visual perception of bio-physical information, by utilising thoughtful design for human understanding.

Numerical context in real time.

Live Capture.
Dynamic mapping of live video and performance graphs – clear insight into body motion and health

For the artists, trainers or healers.

Freestyle 3D Motion

Visual representation of your movements,  to further the understanding of grace, pace, synchrony and harmony.

space, time, motion awareness

Social Feeds.
Connect with your friends and teammates and support each other by sharing and learning together.

Flow together and share your experiences across your favourite social platforms. Train together, stay together.

Reviewing History

A simple graphic library of performance reports –to enable quick-search and support quick-review of health performance over time.

Color + detail = insight